APK Judge detects malicious Android apps by using machine learning , compiler fingerprinting, and clever feature extraction. When you upload a file, you get a label (white, black), a confidence score, and some analysis which you may find useful.

It's a super-serious, totally legit research project by Caleb Fenton and RedNaga.


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APK Judge API Usage

Upload Example:
  • curl -X POST http://apk-judge/v1/judgements -F file=@interesting.apk

Upload Responses:
  • {"status":"ok","message":"Queued file for judgement"}
  • {"status":"ok","message":"File already exists and judgement is current"}
  • {"status":"error","message":"Invalid file type"}

Search Example
  • curl 'http://apk-judge/v1/judgements/[hash]'
The [hash] can be SHA256, SHA1, or MD5.

Search Responses
  • { "apkid_report": ..., "apkjudge_report": ..., "engine_version": 1, "label": "white", "last_updated": "2017-03-01T10:12:34.000-08:00", "md5": "e49f7523a876765dd02338e5e2c45e1e", "score": "0.987", "sha1": "960ad4609b2bbfa75e01b42ecadec825f8c6edbc", "sha256": "4b0c596c5c34a4aeb6e89bceb35010ee9b17fb31e209c98b41b49f6113c25f41" }
  • {"status":"error","message":"apk hash not found"}